Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming... bring you the Louboutin Manicure. I read about this somewhere and thought, wow, that's weird in a really cool way. If you're really into the idea, I see a whole shoe/nails coordination thing going. You wear your black Pigalles, you paint your nails black. You wear your blue glitter Ron Rons, you paint your nails blue with sparkles. Now I'm actually really tempted to do this... when I actually own a pair of Louboutins.

Happy sigh face...

My darling Christian Louboutin, I take back everything I've ever said. The Christian Louboutin Fifi 100 Satin Lace Pumps are so gorgeous, I want to buy them, put them on a podium and just sit there drooling. Now for the practical aspects of these babies. The heels aren't too high, so you can walk without doing the Bambi. The lace can be dressed up or down and will go with everything. Plus, they aren't really THAT expensive. They totally are, but I'm kind of immune to shoe sticker shock. Now golf club sticker shock... that's freaky.

"Oh dang it, the paint splattered..."

What a gorgeous shoe. Too bad someone spilled blue paint all over them. To be honest, these shoes would be gorgeous without the blue dots. These would be much better in a different color combination, I'm thinking navy blue with white polka dots. Go nautical chic. Instead of "I wore my new shoes while they were painting the basement" non-chic.

The shoe for every season...

So I can wear the Christian Louboutin Deroba Flannel Wedge Espadrilles with my wool coat AND my bikini? BARGAIN! Okay, let's look at these objectively. They are grey flannel - fall material. Rope - summer material. Peeptoe - spring... concept. Unnecessary zipper - adorable, not sure what season this belongs it. But it's kind of cute. I could definitely see these wedges (are they wedges? What are they?) redeeming themselves. If they were all flannel, sans the peeptoe, I would be all over these. But the combination of all the different materials just confuses me.

"Honey, where's my shopping bag?"

Does anyone remember those mesh grocery bags that people used to carry? You know, before the nylon-y things got all trendy and cool and eco-chic. Well, someone's got dyed brown and made into the Christian Louboutin Coussin. Again, ankle booties - in. Caged booties - used to be in. So, current trend + out of date non-trend = Yuck Boots. These booties have one redeeming feature, the chestnut-y color is DIVINE. If that color was on a smooshy leather handbag, I would probably hug it and snuggle it and get a lot of weird stares. But that's a topic for another blog. My complaint is that that weaving looks very painful unless it's done PERFECTLY. If it's done perfectly, comfort heaven. If they aren't, hello painful blisters. I would also not recommend wearing these for too long in the sun - imagine the tan lines.

Phew. Now I have something to wear with my school uniform...

Can I clarify something? Just because you throw a bunch of trendy, quirky ideas together, does not always mean you will come out with a trendy quirky idea. The Christian Louboutin Miss Amelie Pump is a prime example. It's a good idea in theory, but it wasn't well-executed. And yes, I know I watch too much Project Runway. In theory, leopard print, a loafer shape and a cute little chain seems like it would make a really good idea. In my opinion, these would be about a million times cuter if they weren't a slingback. If they had a classic, chunky, loafer shape with a thick (high - it is a Christian Louboutin shoe) heel, these would be much more attractive. Good idea, still needs some work. I do adore the dyed calf hair though.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

LBS. Little Black Shoes.

While my beloved CL makes some pretty out there pumps, the classic pumps are gorgeous in their own way. The Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 are a good example of one of his most iconic pumps. The five inch heel isn't exactly good news for the heel virgins, but trust me, it just takes a little practice (this is coming from the girl who does chores in 3-inch Ferragamos). But if you're really afraid, there's a lower-heeled option in a similar style for the same price. The Pigalle is my favorite black pump that I've seen, even more than some of his peeptoes (I don't adore peeptoed shoes. It's kinda weird.) The cut will look good on a wide variety of feet, the heels will make your legs look FAB and the black goes with everything.